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Mod ; Vote.

Please Read.
All members, stamped or unstamped, are needed to vote here.

I've been thinking about removing the application from this community so that it can be just based on sex tips, advice, questions, and anything else. I think that more people would join, and this community would be A LOT more active if we took out the application.
Reasons I think that we should take it out:
[1] More people would join because they can talk freely about sex, without having to fill out a stupid application.
[2] Lots of people are in this community that haven't posted their applications yet.
[3] If someone has a question right away that is needed to be answered, they'd have to wait until there application was accepted before they could post.
[4] People that haven't had sex yet, but are planning on it can come for advice.
[5] It would become WAY more active.
Please comment here, even if you are NOT stamped and tell us if we should keep the application or remove it.
If we decide to keep it, the first twenty people that comment that are not stamped are auto-accepted in without even having to fill out the application.

Please leave your vote! It's very important!

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