___reminiscing (___reminiscing) wrote in xknock_me_up,

Mod ; update.

I changed the userinfo. I'm about to change the layout.
There is no more application.
If you are one of those who have been waitting to post shit, but you didn't want to fill out the applicaiton....POST!

Do the theme of the week!


Do shit!
know you've been banging people.

k. GO!

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what the hell is this and how the fuck do i join>?!
go to the userinfo, and then it will be like "click here to join"
it's a community about sex.

I think this is a good decision.
From browsing some of the user informations in the group, I think one reason you would not have a lot of posts is because someone would not want it known that they are having sex at age __.
(Perhaps they should consider creating a hidden journal complete with a more appropriate age?)

I am adding this community to my Friends list. Thank you.