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ill make you scream

Madi and Carolyn is getting knocked up tonighttt

Name: Marina
Age/DOB: 16, May 9
Gender: F
Sexuality: I like everyone, i dont care. Bisexual I guess, but i date trannys and post op and pre op and regular girls and regular boys, they just have to be hot.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Bands: Led Zeppelin, MSI, Janis Joplin, The Clash, The Faint, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Band, Grateful Dead
Movies: Donnie Darko, Party MOnster, Tank Girl, Gia, Empire Records, Casablanca, Dazed and COnfused, Sid and Nancy, BOys DOnt Cry
TV Shows: Will and Grace, Nip/Tuck, Charmed (cmon, Alyssa MIlano is hot)
Foods: cinnamon rolls, chocolate sauce, whipped cream
Color[s]: red...dark red
Magazine: umm... Maxim!!

Whore Time;
How many times have you had sex?: oooh.....well when i was with my girlfriend we had sex like a lot. thirty something
Do you remember all their names?: yup
Who did you have sex with?: my best friends older brother :-/, my illegal girlfriend, this guy who i thought was hot... umm my "friend with benefits"
Did you use protection?: not the first time....but of course, yes. IM a peer health educator, so i have soo many condoms and different colors and flvors and patterns and lube and damns and soo much shit like that. condoms up the wazoo. so yes, i do use protection.
Do you still talk to the people you had sex with>: er- i talk to 3 of them

Why should we love you?: becasue i go to the mall and stick condom packets in the pockets of pants and jackets in stores. and because im in hardcorexlove...and because I sit aroud with my friends and talk about sex for 3 hours a week and get community service credit for it. PLus i work at Planned Parenthood and I have the greatest stories about teens and their sex lives and the funniest shit that happens.
Who's your favorite mod, and why: Madison...shes hilarious, and so mean to ugly and stupid applicants. She makes me laugh so much.
Lollipops: i have herpes
Promote us in TWO places and link us to it:
Post clear pictures of yourself. REQUIRMENT: 3. (Limit 8):
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