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Here is a fantasy of mine that I have put into words. If you are not into domination/submission, or sex in general. Don't read.

I walked into the room, only to be blindsighted by my lover.

She quickly took control and pinned me to the bed, removing her shirt quickly and babbling about how she wanted my cock inside of her. I abruptly stand up, knocking her to the floor, and tell her that if I want to fuck her, I will. When she begins to look sad, I turn around and say "But of course I want to fuck you. Take off your clothes." She does as instructed, as she should. I take a moment to take in her beauty. Not the classical type of beauty, but extremely beautiful nonetheless. Dark hair and pale skin. Relatively tall, nearly able to look me in the eye with her beaming green eyes. And of course with height, comes the long legs that I love. Her breasts are extremely perky, her nipples are hard and ready to be played with. I walk toward her, still fully clothed, feeling my cock bulging in my pants. I run a hand across her soft pale skin, and say to her "Do you want me to fuck you?" She responded with a quick nod. I begin to remove my shirt, and tell her to watch me. She watches intently. I remove my pants, revealing my hard cock inside of my boxers. I see her eyes linger on it for a moment, but then she goes back to my face. I leave my boxers on as a bit of a tease, and move close to her again, and whisper in her ear "You want me to fuck you do you?" she responded with a high-pitched chirp, no other way to explain that. "Then you had better turn around, love. Bend over and put your hands against the wall. I want to see your wet pussy. I want to see how much you want me inside of you. She complies, of course. After seeing her pussy, I am not pleased.
"You are not wet enough." I say simply. "Make yourself wetter. Think about me fucking you hard, pulling in and out of you..your breasts bouncing roughly into the wall. Think about it. Visualize it." I give her a few moments to do just as I said, and I hear a soft whimper come from her. "Mmm. Looks ready to me, love." I say.
I remove my boxers slowly, my cock now pulsing with every heartbeat. "You want to take it all, don't you love?" She nods vigorously. I have done my job properly. I grab her shoulders roughly, digging my fingernails into her flesh, and slowly slide inside of her. I stifly my moan of ecstasy at how great she feels, so I can hear her own. Her moans are always arousing with that chiming voice. I reach around in front of her and grab hold of her breasts roughly, toying with her nipples while I am inside of her. Listening to her responses. She has very sensitive nipples. I pull my cock out of her and slam it back in roughly, at the exact moment I slide back in, I twist her nipples violently, listening to her moan and scream at the same time. "Do you want more, my love?" I ask simply.
"Oh, fuck yes. Fuck me hard. I am your fuck toy. Fuck me hard, please." I can only comply at this point, being that this is the only thing I wish to do to her. I continue to slam inside of her while tweaking her nipples, listening to her moans escalate each time. I remove my hands from her marvelous breasts and to her long legs, I grab each roughly, flipping her over so she is on her upper back, I spread her legs so that her beautiful vagina is fully exposed, and slide inside of her while she is upside down. I tell her I want her to watch me fuck her hard. She does so, only getting more aroused. She reaches up and runs her hands lightly up and down my legs "More, please. I'm going to cum soon. Oh, please." I can only look down at her and smile as I begin to pound her hearder, holding her ankles roughly so she is better exposed. I feel her grip tighten slightly on my leg, "Oh.. fuck.. yes.." I continue to pounder her as hard as I can, listening to her moans again escalate, until finely she lets out a moan of "Oh god, I love you. Please, more." I feel her vagina contract around my penis and she lights out a shrill moan, followed by a sigh. Aroused by her moan, I am surprised to find myself also let loose inside of her. Grunting slightly as I cum, she looks up at me and says "I love the way it feels when you cum inside of me.."

Pulling out of her, my cock still hard, and sticky with both mine and her fluids, I tell her to get up.
"I am glad you are flexible" I joke. "As am I." she replies, exhausted. "You must have got some amazing leverage there, or something."

After kissing her lightly on the forehead and running my hand against her face one last time, I leave the room to take a shower.
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June 23 2005, 03:47:47 UTC 12 years ago

you could do that to me anytime...I will listen to you master
Heh. Where shall we meet?



June 23 2005, 19:55:41 UTC 12 years ago

hehe ;) do you cyber?
this is the mod.
__memories_last, new screenname.
ANYWAYS! thats so cute.